Fiduciary Oath

The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard believes that investors have a right to know whether or not their advisor is acting in their best interests. For those investors and firms that believe the same, the Committee has drafted a straight-forward oath declaring an advisor’s commitment to adhere to a fiduciary ethic and, in so doing, be accountable for the advice to their clients. We call on all advisors to provide a signed copy of this oath every time they enter into an advisory relationship with a client. Similarly, we recommend that investors insist the oath be signed by their advisors before entering into a relationship.

Below you will find a list of firms that have attested to have provided signed copies of the oath to all of their clients and have committed to continue to do so to all future clients. If you would like to be listed among those firms making the fiduciary committment, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download a copy of the oath and decide that you are ready to make the commitment to all of your clients. If you would like to print a Fiduciary Oath to frame and hang on your wall, please choose from these two versions: Fiduciary Oath – I Will Certificate or Fiduciary Oath – We Believe Certificate.
  2. Send a signed copy of the oath to all of your existing clients. We have provided a sample cover letter that you may provide as well. You may provide your own cover letter.
  3. Send an email to the Committee for the Fiduciary Standard with the following information:
    • Your firm’s name, location, and website URL
    • The number of clients you currently have
    • Copy and paste the following language into the body of the email: I attest that our firm has provided signed copies of the Fiduciary Oath, as provided to us by the Committee for the Fiduciary Standard, to every client we currently serve. We will continue providing signed copies of the Oath to each new client at the outset of the advisory relationship.

Committed firms:

AMDG Financial
Plymouth, MI

Ashton Wealth Management
Golden, CO

Aspen Leaf Partners
Golden, CO

Brown Wealth Management, LLC
Conyers, GA

Buska Wealth Management, LLC
Rothschild, WI

Clear Financial Strategies, Ltd.
Crystal Lake, IL

Dennis Tidmore, Retirement Plan Specialist
Beachwood, OH

Doster Financial Planning
San Diego, CA

Etzler Financial Advisors, LLC
Red Bluff, CA

Evensky & Katz
Miami, FL and Lubbock, TX

Family First Financial Planning
Stuart, FL and Palm Beach Gardens, FL

GDM Advisory Group, Ltd.
Jenkintown, PA

Gibson Capital, LLC
Wexford, PA

Montello Wealth Management, Inc.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Montlake Financial Services, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ

Personal Asset Management
Treasure Island, FL

R.W. Rogé & Company, Inc.
Bohemia, NY

Staton Financial Advisors, LLC
Charlotte, NC

Stonebridge Family Office
Stonebridge Investment Counsel
Nashville, TN

Suncoast Advisory Group
Sarasota, FL

Upstate Financial Advisers
Greenville, SC

Victoria Oak, LLC
Laingsburg, MI

Wealthcare For Women
Atlanta, GA

Wiser Wealth Management, Inc
Marietta, GA

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